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Federal Protective Service

Federal Protective Service

Av. Miguel Angel de Quevedo No. 915, Col. El Rosedal, Deleg. Coyoacán, México, D.F., C.P. 04330


(52) (55) 54 84 67 00

The main objective of Federal Protective Service is provide protection services, custody, security and safety of people, goods and facilities to agencies, entities of the Federal Public Administration, the federal organs of executive, legislative and judicial bodies constitutionally autonomous and other public institutions that request it.

In addition to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, may provide services to individuals or entities as required to preserve the security of national, franchised or permitting activities by the State, or others because of their relevance and significance contribute to national development, and as representatives of foreign governments on national territory, in accordance with general guidelines to be established by the Secretariat.

For the provision of services referred to in the preceding paragraphs, will mediate the payment of a fee, in accordance with the rates for such purpose authorized by the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, which will be published in the Official Journal of the Federation.

The Federal Protective Service will also feature inherent in its activities to safeguard the integrity and rights of the people, prevent crimes and preserve freedoms, public order and peace in the area of competence, in terms of these Regulations and other applicable laws.


For the competitive performance of the Federal Protective Service functions, the Commissioner will have the following powers:

  • Organize and manage the institution, as well as direct their strategic planning;
  • Represent the institution in accordance with applicable law;
  • Agreeing with the Secretary, the issues of competence and inform the progress and results thereof;
  • Set the Seasons, according to the needs of service required in the different territorial constituencies to be determined and budget availability;
  • Order, if any, integration and organization of specialized units for the provision of services referred to in Article 3 below;
  • Celebrate contracts, agreements, and generally, all kinds of legal acts necessary for the development of the powers of the institution;
  • Order the practice of monitoring and surveillance visits for supervision, inspection and verification of compliance of the functions and services provided, in compliance with legal instruments entered into and the applicable regulations;
  • Coordinate with the heads of administrative units and administrative bodies within the Secretary for the dispatch of business in their charge;
  • To submit to the approval of the Secretary's programs and projects by the institution as well as monitor their implementation and enforcement;
  • Implement policy of protecting the federal areas established by the competent authorities, in areas where services are rendered;
  • Promote the adoption of basic security measures for the prevention of crime and civil protection in areas where services are rendered;
  • Assistant federal public institutions in the implementation of monitoring programs and custody, civil protection and crime prevention, within the scope of its powers and under the terms of the applicable legal provisions;
  • Request the Secretariat of National Defense the registration of Members who carry weapons, in terms of the provisions of the Federal Firearms and Explosives;
  • Monitor the institution's implementation of measures for civil protection in accordance with the applicable requirements;
  • Authorize the basic guide for the development of risk analysis;
  • Propose to the Secretary the organizational and functional structure of the institution, for their approval;
  • Authorize the appointment of Members to offices and administrative fees or policies of the organizational structure of the institution to Deputy Director General and the termination thereof, respecting the hierarchy and rights inherent in the career service, and authorize the changes of allegiance to not applicable to the Commission;
  • Submit to the Secretary to issue, modify or update the regulations, manuals, guidelines and other arrangements necessary for the exercise of the privileges of the institution prior opinion of the Legal Affairs Unit or the Administrative Office of the Secretariat, as appropriate;
  • Addressing the comments of the internal control body within the institution, and the requests and recommendations of the National Commission on Human Rights or other government agencies regarding the act of the Members;
  • Issue certified copies and certifications of the documents held on file in your office;
  • Auxiliary, when required, the Registrar, within the purview of the institution, and
  • The other functions conferred by Regulation, other provisions of law or the Secretary.

The powers delegated those listed in Sections I, III, IV, V, IX, XV and XVI of this Article and others under other legal provisions should be exercised directly by theCommissioner.

In order to promote the culture of prevention and transparency of a complaint before the malpractices and abuse of authority, the Commissioner of the Federal Protective Service, Pedro Huerta Roberto Robles, has instructed the creation of the mail account comisionado.spf@ssp.gob.mx for receiving complaints and suggestions which should be performed with impartiality, objectivity and compliance with the law, so you are encouraged to use it decisively and responsibly with the certainty that will be received directly by the Commissioner of this body decentralized administrative.

Based on Articles 18 Section II, 19, 20 and 21 of the Federal Law of Transparency and Access to Public Government Information, the information provided by stakeholders will be subject to security measures to prevent transmission and unauthorized access.

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