The Secretary of Public Security office has the release for the following matters:

  • Define public safety policies at the federal level to understand the objectives, strategies and actions;
  • Be referred to the President all measures to guarantee the consistency of the criminal policy between the agencies of the Federal Public Administration;
  • Report periodically to the President about the performance of their duties;
  • Propose to the President, if any, responsible for Internal Affairs Unit of the Federal Police;
  • Participate in the Council;
  • Chairing the National Conference of Secretaries of Public Security or its equivalent;
  • Appoint the chair of the National Conference of the Penitentiary System;
  • Appoint and remove the Technical Secretaries of the National Conferences provided for in the fraction above, in terms of the Act;
  • Propose to the National Conference of Secretaries of Public Security Rector content Professionalization Program;
  • Propose to the President declared the appointment of the Chairman and members of the Superior Council of Minors;
  • Designate by the controller, supply and appropriate management of the information referred to in Article 39, Section B, Section VI of the Law;
  • Appoint and remove freely the Unit Heads, Coordinators and Directors-General and to the holders of the decentralized administrative bodies where legally appropriate, as well as representatives of the Secretariat in commissions, states and national and international ;
  • Receive in accordance with the Head of the Internal Affairs Unit of the Federal Police, for release of the relevant issues within its jurisdiction;
  • Represent the President in the constitutional and unconstitutional actions referred to in Article 105 of the Constitution of the United Mexican States and the Regulatory Law of Fractions I and II of Article 105 of the Constitution of the United Mexican States in cases as determined by the President declared, can be supplied in accordance with Article 42 of this Regulation;
  • Issuing agreements, organizational manuals, procedures and services to the public and other internal regulatory provisions within the scope of its jurisdiction, it considers necessary to fulfill the purposes of the Unit and, if necessary, order its publication;
  • Approve the system to collect, analyze, study and process information to prevent crime;
  • Approve the Annual Work Program and the draft budget of the Secretariat;
  • Propose to the President the issuance, amendment, repeal or repeal of laws, regulations, decrees, orders and other provisions relating to public safety in accordance with federal procedures under the applicable regulations;
  • Propose to the competent authorities such regulations, which allows homogenizing the operational and functional patterns of police forces at national level;
  • Propose to the competent authorities the necessary tools that allow the coordination of the surveillance and protection of strategic installations;
  • Propose to the President the establishment of the Interagency Panel for strategic facilities in terms of the Act;
  • Order creation and, if necessary, chairing internal committees, temporary or permanent, which is required for the proper dispatch of business of the Secretariat, and
  • Other than this character other applicable conferred or granted by the President.

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